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Kylie Griffin in IDW's Ghostbusters International

Apparently, the comic adventures of Kylie Griffin will continue, via IDW's upcoming "Ghostbusters International" series (due out in January). Interview text with the series' creative team (Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening), is in the cut below.

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Kylie Griffin in IDW's Ghostbusters comic series

Apparently, Kylie Griffin is now a major character in IDW's recently re-launched "Ghostbusters" comic series. (Issue #1 was released, last month, and Issue #2 is out, today.) I am attempting to acquire the first two issues, so I should be able to do a possible write-up in the near-future. Clearly, a "thank you" is in order to series writer Erik Burnham and the IDW staff for allowing Kylie to become part of the cast. Let us hope for additional XGB characters/references, as the series has just begun.

I managed to find Issue 2's cover, which you can access below. Enjoy seeing Comic Kylie.

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The obligatory "'Bill Murray hates GB III script' rumor" entry

Apparently, the latest Ghostbusters III rumor involves Bill Murray's reaction to the script, which, if true, is not pleasant.

Dread has more:

According to The National Enquirer ... yes, The National Enquirer ... after being sent the latest reworked Ghostbusters 3 screenplay weeks ago, Murray fired back his shocking answer – nailing the coffin shut forever – by sending Dan and Harold a box containing the new script SHREDDED into confetti, along with this nasty note: “No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

Insiders say furious Dan and Harold vow that Bill’s off their “who ya gonna call” list forever – and they’ll make the movie WITHOUT him!

Of course, it is reported by the National Enquirer, so your mileage may vary. I just wanted to bring the matter to the comm's attention, or, more accurately, post some kind of an update about the movie. Make of it what you will, etc. I'll try to post a palate cleanser entry in the next few days, in case anyone develops a bitter aftertaste. (I certainly did.)

If I don't post again during the weekend, have a Merry Christmas.
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New Comm?

I come offering the notion of a new kind of land comm geared only for a certain fandom, or a certain type of fandom. A land comm is basically a community where members are divided into teams and take part in fulfilling certain challenges, usually varied amongst fan fic, art, captions, and games, to see who can reach a certain score point first, but though the members are divided and all are trying to bring their team to reach the goal first, they remained united in their love of the fandom. For the type of land comm I'm suggesting, members would still be divided into teams and would still be trying to see who could score the big number first, but the challenges would all be fic based. Collapse )
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XGB intro on YouTube

In the embedded YouTube video below contains the series opening. Enjoy watching our heroes doing what they do best in an entry that has been rather overdue.

Nota bene: Several episodes are also available on YouTube, particularly the early episodes. I'll be sure to post on them in future entries (though, I have no worries if anyone else wants to give it a go).
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TV's XGB entry

For those unfamiliar, TV is a fascinating timesuck website that explores the many tropes and writing devices in any given series. (More importantly, it delves into the applications, inversions, subversions and aversions of said tropes and writing devices.) At last, there is an entry for "Extreme Ghostbusters." It is a sizable reading, which hopefully will expand in the future. Click the link and read onward.


For a bonus link, I'll include the Real Ghostbusters', as well:

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The obligatory "Has Bill Murray killed off Ghostbusters 3?" entry

Den of posted recently about the current status of "Ghostbusters 3." (Or, to be more specific, they're commenting on a new link about the matter.) As previously reported, the x-factor continues to be Bill Murray's involvement (or lack thereof).

The latest update comes in a story over at Deadline, in a piece discussing the next project of writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. The pair had penned Bad Teacher, a surprise hit this year, and also worked on the script for Ghostbusters 3. The report notes that a new Ghostbusters film could be ready to start shooting in the spring of 2012, but it reiterates the belief that “the studio isn’t going to make it without Bill Murray”.

The latest on Murray, according to the story, is that “as recently as last month, he had not read the script, or if he did, he has not reached out to get the dealmaking started”.

The feeling continues to be, therefore, that Sony wants Murray on board before it will give Ghostbusters 3 a green light. And, given that this has all been going on for over a year, there’s little sign that he’s going to sign up for the film.

Hopefully, I'll post on the overall reaction to the presently leaked GB III plot details in the next few days. (If one is familiar with TV, "Internet Backdraft" comes to mind.) From what I read, it isn't a pretty sight, especially in regards to Ray.

I already spoke my piece in an entry, last spring, so I'll re-link and avoid repeating myself:


I hope to have another entry posted by tonight. If not, have a good night.
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Tension - Eduardo solo, Multiple - NC-17

Title: Tension
Author: Cy Fur
Summary: The thing they never mention in all the literature and whatever? Ghostbusting leaves you fuckin' wired.
Notes: I can't believe I wrote this. I just... can't. I grew up with this show. I adored it as a kid, and I still adore it. And now I'm writing porn for it. Ah well. Hope y'all enjoy it!
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters mentioned therein belong to their original owners. No disrespect is intended in the creation of this work. I will not be making any money off of this. Please don't sue me.

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The current status of "Ghostbusters III"

(Decided to go for this, as a easy comm activity starter.) has compiled a detailed list of upcoming movie sequels, including "Ghostbusters III." In the block quotes below is the aforementioned film's current prospects:

There’s a lot of talk, but still not much action where Ghostbusters III is concerned. A script appears to be in place now, and Ivan Reitman remains in the director’s chair. And with Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson back on board to pass the mantle over to a new generation of Ghostbusters, almost all of the pieces for the new movie are in place.

But one is missing: Bill Murray. Depending on which interview with him you read, he’s either going to do a small cameo in the movie, hates the idea of it, hasn’t made his mind up, or flat out isn’t going to do it.

It’s anyone’s guess, and according to some reports, Murray’s involvement or otherwise might just be a deal breaker for Sony, which has to fund the film.

Your guess is as good as ours on this one…

It isn't developmental hell, but it may get there. On the plus side, all the other major stalwarts are still willing (Ramis, Aykroyd, Hudson and Reitman). Nothing else to do, but wait for Murray to make a consistent statement, apparently.

Exit question 1: Is there any chance the EGB will be referenced, at all? The movie evidently contains the same premise, and the EGB does have an interesting-though-small niche. Probably wouldn't happen, but it would be nice.

Exit question 2: Should Murray decline, would it be any sort of dealbreaker to you personally? Fortunately, we still have 3/4th of the original cast and the original director to console ourselves. Granted, I'd love to see Venkman, again, yet if it doesn't happen.... I'm just curious to see the ratio, if there is one. (Either that, or I'm intrigued to how much cache Venkman has in the EGB side of the fandom.)

Update (10/26): An update is available in the comm link below, which involves new writers and the ongoing Murray commitment issue:

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Fic: Loving a Ghostbuster (SV/XGB, Chloe/Eduardo & Kylie/Eduardo, G)

Title: Loving a Ghostbuster
Fandoms: Smallville and Ghostbusters
Pairings: Chloe/Eduardo (one-sided), Kylie/Eduardo, Egon/Janine
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Extreme Ghostbusters series.
Summary: Chloe fell in love with a Ghostbuster.
Series Summary: Five Times Chloe Sullivan fell in love...
Notes: Written for [info]xoverland prompt Five Times and written for [info]5_times prompt Ghost. Ok so I went a little shady on the prompts “Ghost”, but I couldn’t find or remember any other Ghost-related fandom that had a *ghost* male character I could see Chloe with.
[ ...Table... ]

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