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The current status of "Ghostbusters III"

(Decided to go for this, as a easy comm activity starter.)

Denofgeeks.com has compiled a detailed list of upcoming movie sequels, including "Ghostbusters III." In the block quotes below is the aforementioned film's current prospects:

There’s a lot of talk, but still not much action where Ghostbusters III is concerned. A script appears to be in place now, and Ivan Reitman remains in the director’s chair. And with Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson back on board to pass the mantle over to a new generation of Ghostbusters, almost all of the pieces for the new movie are in place.

But one is missing: Bill Murray. Depending on which interview with him you read, he’s either going to do a small cameo in the movie, hates the idea of it, hasn’t made his mind up, or flat out isn’t going to do it.

It’s anyone’s guess, and according to some reports, Murray’s involvement or otherwise might just be a deal breaker for Sony, which has to fund the film.

Your guess is as good as ours on this one…
Link: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/866031/95_movie_sequels_currently_in_the_works.html

It isn't developmental hell, but it may get there. On the plus side, all the other major stalwarts are still willing (Ramis, Aykroyd, Hudson and Reitman). Nothing else to do, but wait for Murray to make a consistent statement, apparently.

Exit question 1: Is there any chance the EGB will be referenced, at all? The movie evidently contains the same premise, and the EGB does have an interesting-though-small niche. Probably wouldn't happen, but it would be nice.

Exit question 2: Should Murray decline, would it be any sort of dealbreaker to you personally? Fortunately, we still have 3/4th of the original cast and the original director to console ourselves. Granted, I'd love to see Venkman, again, yet if it doesn't happen.... I'm just curious to see the ratio, if there is one. (Either that, or I'm intrigued to how much cache Venkman has in the EGB side of the fandom.)

Update (10/26): An update is available in the comm link below, which involves new writers and the ongoing Murray commitment issue:

Link: http://xtremeghostbust.livejournal.com/3326.html


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Oct. 26th, 2011 10:35 pm (UTC)
Is any chance the EGB will be referenced, at all? I would love to if there was something referenced to the show because I feel like everyone ignores it unless you were a kid growing up watching it. Seriously, it's not even on Netflix or on DVD yet and its been how many years? It was a good freaking show, I want it on DVD. Besides that, I miss Kylie & Eduardo mainly so I'd prefer to find whatever characters they make up be similar in character to them.

Should Murray decline, would it be any sort of dealbreaker to you personally?
I want another Ghostbuster movie - at this point I could freaking care less if Murray is in it or not. Why he's even playing this stupid game is beyond me or why any other actors play this game is beyond me. Basically you do the movies to get money - like any other job and if the show/movie is successful... DON'T FRIGGIN COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. Clearly the more successful the show/movie will be, the more you get paid. And what? Another Ghostbuster movie will not kill him (and if it does, well I'll apologize then).

Yes I can understand that you might be hesitant in doing another movie for this series after so long - I get that, I really do, because even I'm nervous about it - because the movie has to be as good or BETTER than the others in the series otherwise you will lose points in fans' eyes. And then what was the point of the movie? The storyline is more important, the character development is important, the graphics is important. But the actors have to be believable that they are the characters ___ years later and are going to past their status to a group another Generation.

** I think this why I want a character to be similar to Eduardo in the movie, he was comic relief on the show and he could definitely bring whatever comic relief that the movie might lack back into it.

And what - It might take a week or a few days to make a cameo in the film? Is that seriously too much to ask of him?

Sorry.... I've been wanting another film since I first saw the two films and then watched the EXTREME series - so I'm a little annoyed at how long this movie has been in "hell".
Oct. 27th, 2011 03:46 am (UTC)
Quite the elaborate response. Well done.

And this update probably won't help matters, as Sony is becoming more clear on Murray's non-involvement stalling the project.

http :// xtremeghostbust.livejournal.com/3326.html

The overall feeling I'm getting, as per new spoilers, Murray is maybe trying not to damage the brand with an inferior product. Plus, as you said, the movie has a ton of expectations to deal with. From what I read recently, I'm not impressed, though, I'm not as hostile about it as others have been.

However, as you rightfully noted, just make a declaration. It's been six months since I posted this, but it would have been nice to say, "I'm not involved, so you can move on without me."

Most actors, yes, it is about the paycheck, though, some, it actually isn't. I don't know Murray enough to say he fits the latter, but he might.

Oddly enough, it will be weird, as while the movie won't allude to the XGB, yet it still plays into that template. And, yeah, I would love to see Kylie alluded somehow.

And if the movie doesn't happen, we have the video games and the new comic books. Fandom won't be suffering, yet the constant tease is a bit much.
Oct. 27th, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
I don't really know Murray either in what aspect he does movies for, but I don't know - I feel like all the actors that are "known" for film series/tv shows want to change... Didn't like several actors end their shows to start something else - sometimes it worked and the films did well, other times you never heard from them again unless it was in the news or "where are they now" things. I mean I understand the need for change but I also feel like you shouldn't cut all ties to your past, especially if they made you as popular as you are now.

(I don't think I'm being hostile, I'm just a little desperate and annoyed - which caused me to rant. I'm just as desperate for another Jurassic Park film)

I guess we have the video games and the new comic books, but still a movie would be nice... or another cartoon..... and at least a DVD release for XGB.

Maybe that's what we need - a petition for XGB to be released on DVD... I'm sure there might be some out there already. Maybe'll it'll show Sony that we - as fans - like the idea of another film.

I actually don't mind sequels at all, I mean sometimes they are sucky (The Howling sequels for example) but other times they are good (and maybe not as good as the first but I don't mind that) - I just love seeing my favorite characters again and I love knowing/having another tale/adventure for them.

I guess I'll have to check out these new comic books you mentioned....
Oct. 27th, 2011 06:57 pm (UTC)
I don't disagree with you, though, Murray is in a class onto his own.

You're not hostile, but more understandably frustrated. It is irritating not to see a XGB DVD release or any official acknowledgement of the team. (Yes, the major episodes were out on VHS, yet it isn't a complete series collection and long out of print.) It is irritating that there hasn't been a new movie for 20+ years.

Nonetheless, I pause, as I find the quality of current films not very good. I don't mind if it's "So Bad, It's Good," yet we don't even have that, anymore. At least GB II ended things on a decent note, so why mar it any further?

As for sequels, it depends. Sometimes, I would love it, and others, not so much. While more sequels are nice with franchises I like, I'd rather have more originality. (Which is a side rant entirely, as everyone is rebooting everything, these days.)

The new comic books just came out very recently (I think Issue 2 is out now). So the opportunity is available to jump aboard, if you will. I might post more on them, whenever I've read them. (My comic reading list is getting big, don'tcha know.)
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