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Tension - Eduardo solo, Multiple - NC-17

Title: Tension
Author: Cy Fur
Summary: The thing they never mention in all the literature and whatever? Ghostbusting leaves you fuckin' wired.
Notes: I can't believe I wrote this. I just... can't. I grew up with this show. I adored it as a kid, and I still adore it. And now I'm writing porn for it. Ah well. Hope y'all enjoy it!
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters mentioned therein belong to their original owners. No disrespect is intended in the creation of this work. I will not be making any money off of this. Please don't sue me.

The thing they don’t mention about Ghostbusting in all the damn lectures and the pamphlets that Janine keeps makin’ (although why the fuck make pamphlets, what kinda nut would wanna be a Ghostbuster, other ‘n the ones already doin’ it?) is that Ghostbusting? Leaves you really fuckin’ horny. Eduardo doesn’t know if any of the others feel it - Garrett, probably, he’s always super hyped up after they bag a spook, actin’ like more of a jackass than usual (and that right there takes talent). Kylie… he can’t imagine her letting her hair down like that. Well, he can, but not in a mindset where he doesn’t have his hand around his dick. Roland probably only gets hardons over wires or machines or whatever. Egon, when he does fieldwork, just complains about how much his leg hurts or whatever. Dudes too old to go out in the field.

Eduardo stands in the shower in the firehouse and lets the hot water wash the ecto-slime (or whatever it is - all he knows is the thing that looked like a rutabaga on steroids exploded when he hit it with a proton blast and covered him in… stuff) out of his hair and trying to ignore his boner. It’d be… weird to jerk off in the firehouse, although he’s done it before. They’ve probably all done it before, although nobody talks about it. It ain’t exactly somethin’ you talk about, anyway. But the throbbing in his groin is getting demanding, and while Eddy may have many virtues (funny, smart, handsome…) even he is willing to admit that when it comes to willpower, he ain’t exactly the top of the class. He at least waits until he’s got evil rutabaga slime outta his hair before getting down to business.

He leans his back against the shower tiles, which are the lovely, inviting color of old earwax, and he slides his hand down his chest, closing his eyes and goin’ for his regular spank fodder. Kylie. Gorgeous Kylie, with those lips and that ass and those legs he wants to just kiss right up, hear her moan and gasp his name as she pulls his hair (which he‘s gotta full head of, thank you very much), then pulling away from her and….

Eduardo sighs and looks down at his dick. As much as he hates to say it, that’s become kinda… boring. He’s so wired his hands are shakin’, and he wants to get this over with, otherwise he’ll have to deal with Egon grouching about him using up all the hot water. Okay. So who else is there to fantasize about? He realizes with a bit of a sick feeling that he doesn’t know nearly enough chicks - almost everyone he knows is a Ghostbuster. He can name a few chicks in his different classes, but he hasn’t really got the brain for remembering them. His whole mind’s been eatin’ up by Ghostbusting. There’s something almost scary about that, although he can’t put his finger on what it is. Probably because most of ‘em are wrapped around his dick, and the rest are splayed out on the wall, slipping on the wet tile. He’ll worry about it later.

He’ll worry about that later. Right now, he’s going to concentrate on getting off before Slimer decides to investigate why he’s takin’ forever in the shower. Ugh. Slimer. Practical boner killer. On any other day. But not today. Oh no. So he runs through all the chicks he knows enough to have been at least something approaching close to. He flashes back to when they came back last week, from that one thing that looked like some weird combo of that Greek food Kylie was tryin’ to get him to eat and a Playboy mag gone weird. Janine had been particularly worried about them, and had run over to them, hugging them each and kissing them. He doesn’t remember how he reacted, only being so tired he didn’t even notice the lipstick stain until he woke up in his own apartment, still unsure as to how he got there. But he remembers her chest pressed against his, and how soft it was. Is. He can get behind that.

Especially behind that… he’d be lying if he said he hasn’t noticed that Janine has a nice ass. On at least one occasion, she was leaning under her desk, searching around for something or other that fell off, and all he could do was stare at her ass. It’s a pretty awesome ass. He can imagine his hands on it, kissing Janine, his dick deep into her. Without her glasses, he bets she has gorgeous eyes. Alright, so she’s a bit older - who can’t enjoy fruit that’s a little more seasoned? Ugh. He’s starting to sound like Egon. Would Egon be mad at him for homing in on his territory? After all, he’s pretty sure the two of them have somethin’ goin’ on, although damned if he has any clue when they would be doin’ it.

Egon’s actually kinda… nice lookin’, in an old guy kinda way. He can see why Janine would appreciate him. Although there’s no way in whatever hell is tryin’ to swallow the earth this week that Eduardo is gay. Oh no. He digs chicks, completely. But… who cares about what goes on in your own head, right? It’s all just fantasy, right? Long as no weirdass mind reading demon comes along and manifests fantasies as realities. Again.

Egon’s got gorgeous hands. That brain of his ain’t too bad, either. Well, no, not in that way, ‘cause… ew, but there is somethin’ sexy about an older smart dude. Probably know all the right nerve endings to manipulate or somethin’ like that. Eduardo’s dick doesn’t seem to mind, at least. It’s starting to pulse ever so slightly, and Eduardo’s stroking it faster, feeling the familiar weakness in his knees, shaking in his hands. Yeah, kissing Egon, pulling on that horrible ponytail, havin’ him whisper in his ear about the perfect way of “manipulating the male genitalia” (or somethin’ - Eduardo doesn’t speak Egon at the best of times, let alone while jerking off).

Roland’s got fuckin’ amazing hands. For all his awkwardness, Eduardo is pretty sure that Roland has some luck with the girls. Chicks dig the cute, awkward thing. There is something open about his face. He’s a scary motherfucker when he’s angry, which is surprising. Lots of fire under that calm exterior, still waters run deep, or some philosophical shit like that. And he’s also fuckin’ smart. Hanging around these damn people is giving him a brain fetish or somethin’. Well, not a brain-brain fetish, but a thing for smart people. It’s probably going to bite him in the ass somewhere along the road. Roland’s hands would be strong, and Roland’s back under his hands - Roland is strong, toned from carrying the proton packs and lugging around the heavy equipment.

Garrett… Garrett is strong. He’s such a muscle head to begin with (and maybe he doesn’t have a thing for brains, because Garrett ain’t exactly high on the intelligence scale, at least compared to everyone else around), and he’s got arms like fuckin’ iron. Eduardo’s been punched by him often enough. Eduardo’s hand is moving faster now, it’s almost there. He’s close to Garrett, and sometimes he thinks that Garrett’s the only one who gets it entirely - that they’re the only ones who don’t see it as a scientific experience or some shit like that. It’s a job, it’s a chance for thrills, it’s a rush. Garrett’s hands would be calloused, from his wheelchair, and from the proton packs. They all have proton calluses at this point, and if he closes his eyes, he can imagine that it’s Garrett’s hand on him, not his own. He can imagine that grin on his face - Garrett would make it into a fuckin’ competition, or else Eduardo’d just have to kiss the grin outta him, he’d… he’d….

Eduardo gasped, hunching forward, his whole body shaking as heat traveled up and down his back, spreading out through his body to spurt out of his cock, pulsing and leaving him breathless and almost drained, leaning back against the shower wall. He was panting, but he could feel the tension draining out of him. He needed that.

“Yo, Eddy! Y’need some help washin’ your back in there or somethin’? Some of us wanna get the slime out too, y’know!” There was a loud banging on the door, and Eduardo almost jumped.

“Keep your pants on, I’ll be out in a minute,” Eduardo yelled back, and he turned the water off, shivering as the cold air hit him. There went that afterglow. Ah well. It was still worth it.


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Oct. 1st, 2013 02:40 am (UTC)
Ahhh wow I freaking loved this. The idea of Eduardo being vaguely turned on by all of his fellow Ghostbusters makes me all kinds of happy...
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