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A few years ago, I bought a few of the Trendmasters EGB action figures, via eBay. I particularly was seeking Kylie action figures, as part of my fondness for the character. For what it's worth, I thought her two figures (regular and Deluxe versions) were done well-ish. (The figures used her ponytail look, which was an interesting approach. Ironically, I liked her long hair version more, but, oh well.) Anyway, the entry is for anyone who had played with them younger or has them now. (I believe all the EGB were converted for the figures except Garrett, which is a pity.)

Bonus points if anyone also had the old Kenner action figures. Triple bonus if you mixed and matched.

Exit question: What was the better version of the Ecto-1 to you? Kenner's or Trendmasters'?

Wikipedia's EGB profile

On a lark, I checked out Wikipedia's EGB profile, today. I particularly found it informative for its episode guide, along with its spotlight of the video games. (I own the GBA version, but I didn't know about the others.)

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_Ghostbusters

There is a most interesting observation of Kylie and her look (Scroll down to 1/3rd of page):

Kylie also serves as the most visible point of contrast between the nihilistic postmodernism of the late 90s, and the much more cheerful and modernist 80s films/cartoon series.
I'm sure it will stir many a fan analysis. (Or my own, once I have re-watched the series.)

Any good Egon/Kylie fics out there?

As the Subject says, I'm looking for any good Egon/Kylie fics. I haven't checked Fanfiction.net most recently, though, I don't believe there aren't any to be found. (I can't say about the other fiction sites, as computer time has been very limited for me, lately.) I'll gladly take all suggestions, recommendations, links, etc. Thank you to all that play along.

And, yes, while I do plan to write the pairing, myself, it won't be until later in the year. (The delay is based on mostly computer issues and becoming re-familiar with the series, again.)

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